About Storyopolis Art

At first we drew them on cave walls and told them around the fire.

Later we painted them with our muse by our side.

Many we placed in museums for the ages.

Some we made with bronze, soup cans and costumes.

And now we write about them and collect them.

What are these treasures?


Where are they?

Storyopolis Art! The Capital of Imagination
Storyopolis Art has been a collector's paradise for over 15 years.  Our collection of contemporary art and original illustrations from children's picture books is unrivaled and respected worldwide.  Our pieces are sought after by experienced collectors and have historically increased in value. For the beginning collector starting to define his/her taste, our online gallery offers a visually stimulating and fun exploration. Our pieces are so popular, they have been part of the backdrops for movies and TV shows. Please enjoy our new vintage collection of illustrated art in collaboration with R. Michelson Gallery, featuring such artists as Jules Feiffer and Gennady Spirin. 

Storyopolis Art, truly is “The Capital of Imagination!”