Stephen Huneck Biography

Stephen Huneck (October 8, 1948 in Columbus, Ohio – January 7, 2010 in Littleton, New Hampshire)[1] was an American wood carving artist, furniture maker, painter, and author. Most of his artwork is composed of carvings of dogs. In addition to carvings, Huneck also wrote several children's books, the main character of which was his black Labrador Retriever, Sally.[2] Huneck was originally from Sudbury, Massachusetts.[3]Before becoming an artist, Huneck was an antiques dealer.[4] He was discovered in 1984 when he found a man pulling one of his carvings, an angel, out of the back of Huneck's pick-up truck. The man asked how much he wanted for the angel. Not intending to sell it and believing that the man wouldn't pay such a high price, Huneck told him that he wanted $1,000. The man revealed himself to be an art dealer from Manhattan and paid Huneck the money.[5] Pieces of Huneck's artwork are in the permanent collections of the Smithsonian Institution, the Dog Museum of America and the American Kennel Club.[5] Huneck received commissions for works from celebrities and politicians, including Sandra Bullock, Dr. Phil McGraw, and US Senator Patrick Leahy.[3] Much of the basswood, cherry, maple and pine he worked with came from his farm.