John A. Rowe Biography

1949 Born in Kingston-upon-Thames, Surrey, England.
1964 Worked in various jobs: grave digger, TV & Filmset maker,
Bicycle mechanic, cinema cleaner, shoe salesman… to name but a few!
1969 Studied art at Richmond College of Art, London.
1970 Studied art at Twickenham College of Technology.
1971 Studied art at Epsom School of Art, Surrey. UK
1974 Moved to Vienna, Austria and studied art at the Hochschule für Angewandtekunst, Vienna. Worked in various jobs: theatre set painter, screen printer, historical monument preservation. Exhibited in various exhibitions.
1990 Illustrated first children’s book.
1991 ‘Golden Apple’ BIB, Bratislava
1992 ‘UNICEF’ Honorary Diploma, Bologna
1992 ‘Rattenfänger Literaturpreis’ Hameln
1993 ‘Österreichischer Kinder &
1995 ‘UNICEF’ Recognition Award
1995 Österreichischer Kinder &
1995 ‘Storytelling World Award’ California, USA
1995 ‘Grand Prix’ BIB, Bratislava
1996 ‘Fällt aus dem Rahmen’ Eselsohr, Mainz
1997 ‘Federhasenpreis’ Design Austria, Wien
2000 ‘Austrian Honours List’ Wien
2000 ‘Deutscher Jugendliteraturpreis’
2002 ‘UNICEF’ Books of Tolerance nomination
Published books...
1991 ‘The Sing-Song of Old Man Kangaroo’
1992 ‘Rabbit Moon’
1993 ‘Jack the Dog’
1993 ‘The Gingerbread Man’
1994 ‘Baby Crow’
1994 ‘The Elephant’s Child’
1995 ‘The beginning of the Armadillos’
1996 ‘Peter Piglet’
1996 ‘Can You Spot the Spotty Dog’
1997 ‘Smudge’
1998 ‘How Many Animals’
1999 ‘Monkey Trouble’
2000 ‘The Elf’s Red Hat’
2001 ‘Jasper the Terror’
2002 ‘But I want to!’
2002 ‘Tommy DoLittle’
2003 ‘Amazing Animal Hide & Seek’
2004 ‘Hamlet.. Life is a Feast!’
2004 ‘The Emperor’s New Clothes’
2005 ‘Moondog’
2006 ‘Teddy’
2006 ‘I want a Hug!’
2007 ‘Smile’
2008 ‘The Secret’
2009 ‘You Are What You Are’
2010 ‘Quasimodo'