Sarah Aspinall Biography

Sarah Aspinall has been illustrating and generally making a gluey, paint splattered mess of tables, carpets, walls and anything else within close proximity to her creative process ever since she can remember.Growing up on a farm in the middle of the English countryside surrounded by cats, dogs, horses, mice, guinea pigs, rabbits, rats, foxes and her seven brothers and sisters, inspiration was never too hard to find. Unsurprisingly, inventing characters and writing stories about them was one of her favourite past times.As she got older she never lost her love for using her imagination, and after winning an art scholorship to complete her secondary education at Uppingham School in Rutland, went on to graduate from the Rhode Island School of design (USA) in 2004, with a BFA in Illustration and an award for the most innovative artist her field.As well as exhibiting her paintings, illustrations and assemblages in both the USA and London, since leaving college Sarah Aspinall has illustrated for various editorals, a number of children’s books and has worked on a large variety of creative projects in a range of industry’s, including childrens television, arts charities and education. Clients have included the BBC, ITV, Nickelodeon, The Guardian, Epic Arts, A & C Black, Templar, Random House, Millivres Prowler Group, Deckers Europe & Deckers USA, the Santa Barbara Zoo and Renault.