Mark Rogalski

Mark Rogalski studied illustration at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where he was born and raised. After completing his studies he worked as an editorial cartoonist, a scenery designer, a comic book artist, a screen printer and a graphic designer before writing and illustrating children’s books. His work has fantastical elements and themes that are influenced by the wonders of childhood, science fiction, mechanical inventions and journeys of the imagination. He also incorporates elements of puzzles, games and interaction into his books. Dream Machines includes a dust jacket that unfolds into an elaborate board game that allows readers to live the fantastical journey of the book themselves. Tickets to Ride includes the image of a clever duck hidden within the pages and waiting to be discovered again and again. And ROBOX is a kit which includes a book about a hungry robot as well as materials that allows readers to build their very own Robox. His work has been honored by The International Reading Association and Communication Arts Magazine and has been featured on NBC’s Today Show and by the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum. Mark lives in Wayne, Pennsylvania with his wife and two daughters.